We have worked alongside the global advisory, broking and solutions company Willis Towers Watson for a number of years, providing video and animation content for both their clients and internal projects.

Our work with Willis Towers Watson is often concerned with helping a company’s constituents understand the nature of a large scale change, like pensions, bonuses and compensation packages. We provide series of instructional videos and training tools, and help Willis Towers Watson clients hear from their employees through video interview staff surveys.

We have served Willis Towers Watson clients throughout the UK and globally, including HSBC, Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, Generali, ASOS, CPW, EDF, AstraZeneca, Warburtons, and Black & Decker. We enjoy the collaborative and flexible relationship that exists between Willis Towers Watson, their clients and ourselves. We drive the creative process from an early stage, often working directly with the client to make sure the output it exactly what they need.

Willis Towers Watson case study


Through Willis Towers Watson, we have worked with HSBC to create a series of videos and animations that engage their staff with their own personal finances. The series have covered a range of subjects, from saving and investing to buying a first home.

The animations feature a combination of motion graphics, stop-frame, illustrations. The videos include interviews with experts, employees and retirees, a-day-in-the-life skits and presenter-led segments.

We filmed on location for HSBC Hong Kong, subtitling the finished films, presented below, in English and Cantonese.